It took dozens of police officers to squelch Wednesday s May Day violence, but at one point, just one man was able to stop the protestors dead in their tracks.

Through Capitol Hill streets, the evening May Day march started with a hatred for corporate America, but for car salesman Phil Petty, the chaos started with a test drive.

Petty was in the back seat of the Mercedes during the drive. The perspective buyer took a right turn at the wrong time, and suddenly they were surrounded by protesters.

His wife was saying this is not the way to go - back up, back up! said Petty.

It was the end of a long day for Petty. But rather than loose his cool, he decided to reason with protesters.

I said, Hey let me out of the car, said Petty. (I told them) I m from the hood and this is how I make my living.

A few people with masks were yelling, this car costs $109K, you pig, he said. I just said, Hey, everybody, look. We re just doing a test drive...I grew up in the neighborhood, I have two kids and a wife and I m trying to feed them...I said please, I empathize with your cause. I m just a worker and grateful to have a job.

The protestors made way.

They were all very understanding, said Petty. They said, oh let him go by.

As honest prevailed.

They related, that I was probably one of them, said Petty.

The Mercedez Benz S-550 is still shiny new without a scratch, and has a story to add to the $110,000 price tag.

This is probably a deal that I'll never forget, said Petty.

On a day of chaos, Phil Petty chose to stand-up, make his point and make his sale.

The sale will be completed on Saturday.

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