Earlier this week, hackers got into The Associated Press Twitter account and sent out a tweet. The account was suspended almost immediately, but it left many with a bigger concern--how does a large company, or anyone, protect themselves for hackers.

The Associated Press received a targeted phishing e-mail earlier that day, which looked trustworthy and encouraged receivers to click a link. But there are a many ways someone can access your account, which USA Today explained in an article.

There are a few things you can do to protect your accounts and personal information. First, make sure your passwords contain upper and lower case letters, and at least one symbol. Don't use logical words or phrases, or any part of your user name.

Second, don't trust e-mails with links. Make sure the e-mail address matches the listed account name. Facebook won't send you a link from a Gmail account. Don't download any files from questionable e-mails either.

Finally, accounts are easy to hack if you don't sign out. While using public computers especially, make sure to log out of your e-mail, Facebook, and any other account before you walk away.

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