The sun is a source of heat and life here on Earth, but did you know there are storms on the sun's surface, including giant flares and explosions, that can send a shower of charged particles toward our planet?

In a KING 5 special presentation, The Solar Threat, the KING 5 Weather Team explains how common these events are and what it means for Earth.

Part 1 - The Sun's Threat to Earth
The sun. It marks the center of our solar system and is the source of life on Earth. And every once in awhile, it throws a tantrum, in the form of sun spots, solar flares and coronal mass ejections. We take a look at how that affects life on Earth.

Part 2 - Human's Health
Charged particles from the sun can also damage satellites and GPS systems, but what are the health risk for humans? We get important answers from the experts about whether or not you should be concerned on the ground or higher up inside a plane.

Part 3 - Solar Impact to Weather
Did you know the sun's brightness changes? See if decades of observation shows an effect on Earth's weather patterns and if there is a link to climate change.

Part 4 - Space Weather Prediction
Forecasters try to determine as best they can from 93 million miles away what is the likelihood of the sun erupting. Get a closer look at the scientists responsible for gathering such data and developing space weather forecasts.

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Watch a rebroadcast of The Solar Storm Saturday, May 11 on KING 5 and on Sunday, April 28 at 10:35 p.m. on KONG.

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