SEATTLE - The South Precinct Community Police Team spent Friday night trying to address the issue of domestic violence.

Officer Craig McRae of the Seattle police department said the South Precinct noticed a lot of calls for service were coming from the Lake Washington Apartment complex in the 9000 block of Seward Park Avenue South. It is a large complex with more than a thousand residents.

There was about 25 calls last year, specifically for domestic violence, said Ofc. McRae.

Officers decided to host the community s first domestic violence training meeting at the apartment complex so residents could attend and learn about how to seek help. There are a high number of immigrants living in the area, and officers wanted to make sure issues like language and cultural barriers were not preventing those who needed assistance from getting it.

Statistics show one in four women have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime. The city offers resources from how to get help to where to find safe housing.

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