Disturbing details are coming to light about the possible motive for a 14-year-old boy to shoot both of his parents.

Jon and Elizabeth Brooks are recovering at Spokane hospital. Police say their son was upset after being disciplined for bad behavior.

Police say Nathon Brooks shot both of his parents in the head while they slept Friday night. He is now facing two counts of attempted first degree murder, crimes he at first allegedly tried to blame on an intruder.

Nathon's father told detectives he had taken one of the homes surveillance cameras inside to keep track of Nathon doing chores, which were punishment for getting into trouble. According to court documents, that video camera ...clearly shows Nathon walk from the living room through the kitchen toward the stairs. In the video, Nathon is carrying a handgun.

Neighbors say he seemed like a normal kid.

He played basketball and threw hoops out here a lot, said Arnold Valdez. I never seen any trouble with him at all.

But the police report provides details about the boy's troubled history with his family, and he allegedly confessed he first thought of killing his parents when he was 8 years old.

Court documents say ...he had gotten in trouble for taking a credit card from his parents, and his mom had said he was meeting the definition of insanity... he kept trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

His neighborhood and his school are trying to come to terms with the tragedy.

It's a family, so to have something like this happen is devastating, said Stephanie Voigt, interim director for the Moses Lake Christian Academy.

The Grant County prosecutor is weighing whether to prosecute Nathon as an adult. The minimum for anyone prosecuted as an adult for two counts of attempted murder is 30 years.

That's really important when you have any case with charges this serious, you need to preserve this option, said prosecutor Angus Lee.

According to police, Nathon told them he played violent video games 24-7, until his parents took his electronics away.

Detectives say Nathon got the gun by prying open a locked gun cabinet in the guest bedroom.

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