SEATTLE -- Witnesses say the bizarre behavior of a man who wandered into a Seattle University law school classroom, talking incoherently and overturning tables, prompted the instructor to dismiss the class after she hit a panic call button.

No one was injured Wednesday afternoon. Seattle police later arrested the man for investigation of trespassing. They say he was unarmed.

Police confirm the 38-year-old man turned over tables and other classroom furniture.

Several students tell The Seattle Times they were disappointed by what they thought was the slow response of campus public safety officers.

However, university safety director Randall Carroll said in a message sent around campus that the safety officers arrived about a minute after the teacher hit the call button from the classroom podium. Carroll says the entire incident on campus lasted a matter of minutes.

The Times reports about 50 students were in class when a trench coat-clad man eating an ice cream cone walked in and sat on a table near the front of the room.

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