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Photographer Julie Austin of Snohomish has made a career out of photographing pets, and if you have a look at her photos, you can see the personalities of those animals shine.

Julie began taking pictures of pets when she worked at Homeward Pets in Woodinville.

I had a point and shoot and just started taking pictures, she says. After a couple of (camera) upgrades I thought I could do this as a profession.

Julie has a background in graphic arts, so taking photos was a natural for her.

My two loves - art and animals - kind of worked out to pay the mortgage, she says.

Julie says she thinks she s able to get her subjects to respond to her because she s worked with so many dogs and cats.

I don t know, I m just in tune with them. For some reason it seems that they want to be photographed by me. I guess it s practice too.

Because she doesn t have a studio, all her sessions are on location.

If it s a cat it s indoors; if it s a dog it s indoors or a place where the dog is comfortable, she says.

A typical session is two hours long, with between 800 and 1000 pictures taken.

Usually the animals are posing by the end of the session, Julie says. It takes lots of patience - or lots of treats, or maybe a toy.

Recent photos of mother and daughter pugs Adidas and Meg are some of Julie s favorites.

They were the funniest things, she says of the little dogs. No neck on either - like little horizontal fire plugs.

And a photo of Holmes the cat playing with a toy is another great shot.

I was like holy cow, I even impressed myself with that shot. This is very cool, she said.

Julie lives in a restored 1920s farmhouse with her animal family - Lou, Allie, Pearl, Ruthie and Miss Gussy Bird.

My life pretty much revolves around animals, she says with a laugh.

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