Snohomish County Sheriff John Lovick is creating a team of deputies that will focus exclusively on school security.

Lovick presented the plan to Everett Public Schools last week, and district officials liked what they saw and heard.

Using people who are trained officers in the schools as adult mentors and adult role models for kids was very interesting to our school board, said Mary Waggoner, who is the Director of Communications for Everett Public Schools.

She said the sheriff is very involved in their schools, so the proposal, coming from him, was not a huge surprise.

His idea is exactly the kind of thing that schools would like to see more of, she said. The challenge as always is how that would be funded and how we would work that out in the school district thru the budget process.

Lovick wants his deputies to not only step up patrols around schools in unincorporated Snohomish County, his plan is to assign a team of officers to review lockdown procedures and investigate threatening rumors on campus. They'll even be asked to mentor at-risk students.

That's why Sheriff Lovick is asking for funding help from both school districts and private corporations.

Waggoner says Everett Public Schools will work with him, to help find the money as best they can.

As schools like Forest View Elementary, the possibility of an extra layer of security is welcome news among both parents and staff.

This wasn't a problem when we grew up, wasn't even a problem when our kids grew up, but it sure is a problem now with our grandkids, said Judy Grotle, whose grandkids go to Forest View. We're getting down to it now. Kids will be very much protected.

The sheriff's plan is in response to the devastating school shooting that took place last month in Connecticutt.

It's a horrible tragedy, and it just reminds us how we need to work together to keep our kids safe, said Forest View principal Holly Martinez.

The team of deputies would be assigned to specific schools in the unincorporated parts of Snohomish County.

It has not yet been decided what schools would be on that list.

Sheriff Lovick hopes to roll out the new program as early as March.

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