Packing for a work trip isn't easy; you need to be prepared for formal meetings, lunches, dinners and down time. So today, we're learning how to pull off a few days worth of looks with just a few pieces and some nifty packing. Our stylist Darcy Camden shares her best tips on how to make packing for a work trip easy.

How to pack for a work trip tips

#1. Review your itinerary before you pack. Make sure you have an outfit for every occasion. Often, when we don't think about the specifics of what we'll be doing, we end up packing more than we really need.
#2. Be prepared to clean and spot treat your clothing on the road. Pack travel size Tide Pens, wrinkle release spray and Febreze. Often, it's so much easier to clean an item for a second wear than pack an additional item.
#3. Pick versatile items that are wrinkle-resistant and can be worn multiple times.

Must-have items

-Dark jeans
-pretty blouse
-pencil skirt
-black pants
-accessories, underpinnings and 2 pairs of shoes

Outfits for 4 different occasions

#1. Comfy Cool: Dark jeans + pretty blouse cardigan sweater
#2: Professional Chic: black pants + pretty blouse + blazer
#3: Stylish Casual: pencil skirt + cardigan sweater
#4: After-hour glam: jeans + blazer

Recommended suitcase: Genius Pack,

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