SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- Spokane Valley firefighters spent their morning on an unusual rescue mission.

Crews pulled a horse out from a resident s pool Tuesday in the 12000 block of E. Montgomery.

The pool owner noticed a hump under the pool s cover when she gazed out of her window. She went outside to find Missy, the horse from next door.

Missy refused to use the stairs and walk out of the bitter cold water herself. Firefighters eventually built a makeshift ramp, and she easily made her way out of the pool.

Missy punched a hole in the bottom of the pool, which helped drain the water and likely prevented her from contracting pneumonia. Missy s owner said she suffered scratches on her eye and nose, but is doing well.

I m a little shook up, owner Jennie Delaney said. But I m a lot better now.

The pool owner s fence blew over Monday, thanks to a massive wind storm. Delaney suspects Missy was wandering around the yard attempting grab an apple from a tree, but ended up wandering into unexplored territory.

The homeowner has calls into her insurance company for her fence, and now, her pool.

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