MISSOULA, Mont. -- A 28-year-old Washington state man is charged with donning scrubs and a hospital identification badge to steal drugs from a crash cart at a Missoula hospital.

Nicholas Norman Schelin of Spokane, Wash., is charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs and misdemeanor theft. Bail was set at $25,000.

Prosecutors say Schelin left a treatment room in the emergency department early Thursday, took the scrubs and an ID badge and was stuffing items from a crash cart into his pockets when an employee saw him.

The woman knew the man wasn't her co-worker, led him to an area with more people and whispered to someone to call security. The man fled. He was arrested outside a nearby church.

Investigators say he took three syringes, a vial of epinephrine and two diazepam cartridges.

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