Rain returned to Western Washington Friday and it was quickly apparent that it was going to be a little more dicey for drivers on the slicker roads after months of dry weather. But for the most part, drivers heeded warnings to slow down and there weren't many major accidents.

A motorcyclist crashed on State Route 702 near Roy in Pierce County Friday morning. He was coming up to a road closed sign when he went down.

Road s wet and they had the road closed up here and I saw the sign. Tried to stop. Bike went down. Fortunately, I had my safety gear, so I m OK, said the rider, named Dave. Be careful. The roads are slick.

It s not just the water that s the issue. Oil and other lubricants that have come off vehicles will mix with the rain, making it even slicker. Latest forecast

Troopers admit the other problem is that people are out of practice driving in the rain, and there are those who simply are aggressive on the roads.

Some are being more impatient with those that are being more cautious, and they re going to take risks that they shouldn't take, and that makes for a really bad situation, said Trooper Jonathan Lever.

The Washington State Patrol said it will have unmarked patrol cars looking for aggressive drivers who are not being more cautious on the wet roads. Troopers also have these driving tips as we transition to wet weather.

  • Drive in the middle lanes to avoid pools of water that will likely form in the outer lanes.
  • Avoid the blinding spray from trucks and buses
  • Keep your headlights on, even during the day. It makes you more visible
  • If you start to skid, turn your wheel into the skid

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