Seattle Police have arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing another man in an apparent case of road rage.

SWAT and homicide detectives served a warrant on a north Seattle home Friday morning less than a mile from where Yancy Noll was shot and killed in the Roosevelt neighborhood on August 31. A 29-year-old was taken into custody and booked for investigation of murder.

Noll's friends say that the suspect's neighbor noticed a car matching the description police description in the driveway and turned the suspect in. The arrest took place after police set up surveillance cameras.

Police say Noll was driving home from work and stopped at NE 75th Street and 15th Avenue NE. For some unknown reason, a man in a silver BMW Z-4 was so enraged that he pulled alongside Noll s car and opened fire, killing Noll. The suspect then fled the scene southbound at high speed, running the red light at the intersection.

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