It seems pretty cut-and-dried: an irresponsible and possible dangerous mom goes on the run with her infant daughter, who should have been given up to CPS at birth.

The mom was caught in Oregon, the baby s safe and now criminal charges and permanent custody issues will play out in the courts of two states.

But there s a lot more to the story, not much of it pleasant. Trina Curry s mug-shot from Washington County, Ore., shows a scowling face from an angry woman. Her sister admitted Trina has mental health issues she has never admitted to or dealt with and serious problems giving up control of her life to anybody.

And now she s real angry said Antionette Curry. No telling how she s going to act when she gets out. Because she s not in a stable mind right now. She s really not.

Where does that anger come from? It s hard to pinpoint, but look to Trina and Antionette Curry s past for some hints at least.

Antionette said their lives changed when a new boyfriend came into their mother s life.

He ruined our whole thing. Everything was just like a can, being smashed flat. It was like forget your kids, forget where you live . We never had a home. We were in and out of homes and shelters almost all our lives. She was a good mother to start with, but when we started being teenagers, started being developed, said Antionette. We were sleeping with her boyfriend, we couldn t come home. We were the enemy. She hated us.

Antionette sobbed as she tells more, It hurts.

Trina Curry was kicked out of the house at times, forced to sleep in the car, her sister said. She gave birth to her first son at age 12, a boy who was immediately taken by the state because Trina was already in foster-care at the time. Then there was another baby boy, then twins, then a boy, a girl and another boy - all seven of them raised by the state. And it s eight now, baby Lilly, who was recovered safe and sound in Hillsboro, Ore., is in temporary foster-care there until final custody can be settled by the juvenile and family courts.

Antionette and family friend Latisha Franklin insisted the baby was never in any danger. They said Trina Curry just wanted to show the state, the world, the system that she could be a good mother.

She never was given the proper opportunity, because she was so young, to take care of her children, said Franklin. They were all taken from her because the first one she had when she was in The System. She felt like, well. I m going to keep having them and maybe one day they ll allow me to show them that I can.

Both admit Trina Curry bears tremendous responsibility for her actions and should have gone about this a very different way, working with instead of against Child Protective Services. She has been convicted of negligence in the past. They said now she needs help, counseling, support and money for legal battles ahead.

And get her out of jail said her sister, She don t deserve to go to jail for having her own baby. Period.

Curry will be arraigned Tuesday in Hillsboro, facing charges of interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest.
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