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A Spanaway man was officially charged with murder Thursday after he admitted to police he shot and killed both his wife and daughter.

Dean Holmes, 40, made his first appearance in Pierce County Superior Court where he was charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Prosecutors said Holmes told police he was afraid his wife, Kristi, 41, would leave him if she found out he lied about the family's finances. Holmes killed Violet, 11, because she wouldn't be able to cope with her mother's death, prosecutors said.

According to prosecutors, Holmes said he also wanted to shoot himself and repeatedly placed a gun to his own head. He eventually drove himself to the Pierce County Jail, where police said he told a jail staffer about the shootings.

Detectives released a timeline of how the murders of Kristi and Violet played out over the last 48 hours.

Holmes told police he shot Kristi while she slept early Tuesday.

Violet had a friend sleep over that night, according to police. Detectives said Holmes woke both the girls after shooting Kristi and took the friend home.

Holmes said after dropping her off, he pulled his car over and shot Violet.

Police said Holmes then ate from a fast food restaurant, and drove home where he later moved Violet's body into bed with Kristi.

According to detectives, Holmes tried to clean his family's house, located on the 15000 block of 20th Avenue Court East, for several hours.

Holmes reportedly worked as a house painter. Neighbors described him as typically happy, but one neighbor said he seemed unusually cold Tuesday.

He usually says, 'Hi, how's it going?' but nothing, said Kim Sedergren, who shares a backyard fence. He looked at me with this blank stare and just shut the sliding glass door.

Sedergren said she sometimes overheard fights between the mother and daughter.

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