SEATTLE - A Seattle fashion designer will soon take his collection to New York fashion week. In addition to the couture clothes, he will bring models with a message.

I think we are going to be a shock on the runway, said model Amy J Nevins.

Nevins and eleven other models took apart in Neodandi House of Couture's Road to Fashion Week pre-show Thursday night. The designer, NiiLartey De Osu, does not go the regular route when looking for faces to represent his fashion house.

Not all of them are your typical models, said Mani De Osu, Neodandi's Director of Operations.

There is no standard size, there's no hair length that's considered beautiful, said model Nneka Kpaduwa. It can come in different packages.

Neodandi does want to make sure the models that work for them are healthy, something that is important to Nevins.

There is someone very dear to me that struggles with an eating disorder, said Nevins. If it takes this, I am willing to be that example and show her and other women.

Neodandi House of Couture plans to bring models, tall and short, with curves and without, to New York, so they can show off the collection during Fashion Week, September 6-13.

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