BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Authorities say that a 16-year-old teen stubbed his toe on a loaded 9-millimeter handgun this past week while running in a shallow roped-off swimming area in a Whatcom County lake.

The Bellingham Herald reports that the gun was thrown into the water during a gang fight on Sunday. The boy ran into it on Tuesday.

Whatcom County Undersheriff Jeff Parks says rival gang members from Skagit County were flashing gang signs at each other when a fight broke out among at least 20 people at Samish Park on Sunday.

Parks say one teen waved a gun and threatened to shoot. The teen was chased into the water, where he tossed the gun before escaping into a nearby house. He was detained by a gun-toting homeowner and later arrested.

No shots were fired and nobody suffered serious injuries.

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