Imagine if you had just one credit card that contained all the information of all the credit cards you currently carry in your wallet.

A company called Wallaby Financial says it can make that happen with the Wallaby Card.

According to its website, Wallaby keeps track of all the different rewards offers you have on each of your credit cards, and then picks the best card to swipe for maximum rewards or savings.

The card is free for the first six months, then $50 per year after that.

The company says the use of the Wallaby Card does not affect your credit score and you still must make your minimum payments to your existing credit card providers.

Wallaby CEO Matthew Goldman told that he got the idea after filling up his gas tank.

While getting gas one day, he saw an ad on the pump s display informing him that if he had used another card to pay one he actually kept in his wallet, but hadn t thought to swipe he would have gotten 5% cash back.

Goldman was annoyed, but also inspired. Why, he reasoned, should the consumer even have to think about which card is best to use for any given transaction?

Learn more at the Wallaby Card website or by watching this video.

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