The man who shot and killed six people in Seattle last week bought a blueberry plant in West Seattle before killing himself in a nearby neighborhood.

The West Seattle Blog reports Ian Stawicki, 40, went to the West Seattle Nursery on California Avenue about two hours after he abandoned a stolen SUVon Delridge Way.

SeattlePolice pieced together the chain of events that transpired after Stawicki opened fire inside a Ravenna coffee shop, the Cafe Racer, last Wednesday. After shooting six people in the cafe, he shot and killed a woman in a First Hill parking lot and stole her Mercedes SUV. Stawicki drove the car to West Seattle and ditched it on Delridge before heading out on foot.

It's during that time Stawicki went to the West Seattle Nursery and bought a blueberry plant and seeds, claiming they were for a school project. The woman who sold Stawicki the plant described him as creepy without knowing what he was suspected of doing hours earlier.

Stawicki gave the plant and seeds to a person who hasn't been publicly identified, but that person called the West Seattle Nursery the next day informing them the shooter had been in their store.

Last week SeattlePolice said Stawicki contacted an acquaintance living in West Seattle while roaming in the area. Also unaware of the shootings, detectives said the acquaintance did sense something was off about Stawicki and cut off contact.

It's not yet known whether the acquaintance and the person who received the blueberry plant are the same person.

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KING 5's Lindsay Chamberlain compiled this report.

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