Environmental and fishing groups have had them on their hit list for years, now the federal government has made three common herbicides a much easier target.

The National Marine Fisheries Service has issued a biological opinion targeted three chemicals used on forests, farms and front yards.

The pesticides NMFS is looking at are really some of the most toxic to fish that we know of, said Steve Mashuda, an attorney for Earthjustice.

NFFS has identified the pre-emergent herbicides oryzalin, pendimenthalin and trifluralin as likely to jeopardize several species of West Coast salmon.

NMFS doesn't have the authority to ban the herbicides but is recommending they be used less often, in smaller doses and only when there is a buffer between treated areas and water where salmon swim.

Our survey of household herbicides found relatively few products that actually contain one of more members of the trio of chemicals and most garden stores offer several safe alternatives to the weed and feed type products they are usually associated with.


Water Institute

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