SEATTLE -- Port of Seattle police set up a safety perimeter just before 6 o'clock Monday night around a large section of Pier 90 and 91. Sources tell KING 5 a large brown temporary structure belongs to the Army Corps of Engineers and is called a Contained Detonation Chamber.

This is where over the next three days they are having controlled detonations of the munitions that were found underneath Seattle's Smith Cove cruise ship terminal near Magnolia.

The KING 5 Investigators broke the discovery of the World War II ammunition at the bottom of Elliot Bay in 2010. Some of the deteriorating ammo was harmless, some of it deemed highly explosive. The concern was for the potential for one of the powerful cruise ships to toss the underwater munitions around.

Monday night,a port bomb disposal unit delivered detonators to the site to begin on-site, safe detonations. The 11-million-dollar multi-agency project should be complete in three days, well before the cruise ship season begins in May.

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