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SEATTLE-- You may have seen the displays popping up all over the Seattle area. On Pine Street and Pike Street in Downtown Seattle, some tech companies have become famous for their cross-street Post-It Note battle, making characters out of the multi-colored sticky notepads and putting them in the windows.

The KING-TVpromotions department decided to one up them a bit, creating a Post-It Note version of KING's mascot, KING Mike, that's believed to be the largest vertical Post-It Note display in the city to date.

It only took the promotions team about two-and-a-half hours to put the 3,000 pieces together, which covers 17 window panes between the 4th and 5th floors of the KING building. The display is visible from the Harrison Street side of the building at Dexter Avenue.

No, the team didn't take an extended lunch to do this. They did it after hours and on their own time Wednesday night, just for fun.

The project was mapped out ahead of time. First the team figured out how many Post-It-Notes could fit on each window pane, then used photoshop to superimpose the KING Mike image over the windows to create a map.

While the Post-It Note wars are becoming a bigger deal here, they're really all the rage in Paris, too.

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