SEATTLE An inquest has been ordered into the fatal police shooting of a man who reportedly fired shots in Issaquah neighborhood.

A fact-finding hearing is routine to determine causes and circumstances of any death involving a member of law enforcement while in the performance of duties.

King County Executive Dow Constantine ordered the inquest into the shooting death of Ronald Williams Ficker by Issaquah police officers on Sept. 24.

Ficker, a 51 year-old unincorporated area resident who lived north of Maple Valley, was shot by police after reportedly firing shots at pedestrians and exchanging gunfire with police near Clark Elementary School in Issaquah.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene, with the sound of gunfire causing people to run for safety. The shooting brought a halt to a football game going on at the high school stadium, forcing students and parents to seek shelter. Several people described hearing or feeling bullets fly past them.

Police found two rifles on Ficker, and found 952 rounds of ammunition in his pockets.

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