Audience Coordinator Suzie Wiley wassuper excited for this segment because she is aHUGE fan of Halloween.In fact, she s been trying to break out her Halloween decorations since July and the New Day staff has had to try to hold her back we might be due for an intervention!

Entertaining expert Heather Christo shows us some of her amazing ideas for a creepy, but elegant Halloween dessert buffet.

Spooky But Glamorous Halloween Dessert Buffet

I created this dark and spooky table and decor with all of my favorite items in mind. I am not much for gore, so this was the perfect balance of scary and child friendly.

I focused on a color scheme of black and natural tones, speckled with mass amounts of glitter!

I am all about using items that you find in your own home, so you will notice that there are lots of my regular old cake plates (I just used black, silver and clear glass). There are also black and silver dragon salt and pepper shakers, votives with a glitter skull sticker applied, and my mercury candlesticks typically pulled out at Christmas time!

There are also some natural elements involved such as (faux) tortoise shells, ostrich eggs and other dead items such as coral and abandoned shells that give it a Ye Olde Curiosity Shop feel (those too were rustled up from around the house).

Coffee dyed and ripped cheese cloth, and spider webs hung from corners and candles to create a super creepy feel.

DIY crafts!

Glitter spiders and bones. Cheap plastic rings and Styrofoam bones take on a whole new life when coated in a thin layer of glue and sprinkled with craft glitter in shades of black, grey and silver. Set out to dry and enjoy!

Using melted white chocolate pieces and plastic molds, I made fast and easy white chocolate goblin bones.

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