SEATTLE -- Seattle students are getting ready to go back to class. Wednesday is the first day for Seattle Public Schools, and the district is dealing with some changes.

The trend of down enrollment has turned around for the district. That's why the decision was made to re-open Rainier View Elementary. On Wednesday, students will be walking through the doors for the first time in years.

During this time of year, we admit and enroll about a hundred students a day, said Brandon Holst with Seattle Public Schools.

The district expects around 47,000 students this year. While enrollment is up, the district is cutting down on the number of buses. Eighty buses are being taken off the roads, a move that will save the district $4 million.

New transportation zones now favor neighborhood schools. As a result, about 3,600 students who rode the school bus last year will not have the same service this year.

There are a number of students that due to the new transportation, they were given guaranteed enrollment at their neighborhood attendance schools, said Tom Bishop, Seattle Public Schools Transportation Manager.

So if those students go to the neighborhood school, then bus services could be available.

The district said by streamlining routes, buses should run more efficiently with rides taking 25 minutes or less.

Keep in mind buses will be running late for the first two weeks as drivers will be checking as students get on and off to make sure everyone is on the right bus.

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