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PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. -- Firefighters have put out a wildfire in Port Townsend that threatened dozens of homes. Authorities say three kids playing with fireworks sparked the fire Monday afternoon.

Fire crews were still dealing with some smoldering hot spots. Even though the fire scorched more than 20 acres along a bluff, no one was hurt and no homes were destroyed.
Firefighters and residents raced to protect homes by dousing water around people's properties.

Many packed their belongings and were ready to evacuate at a moment's notice.

It was family photographs and my mom's jewelry, my animal, said Alice Lane, resident.

It was a minor miracle in that sense that we not only didn't have any injuries, but no homes were damaged at all, said Bill Beezley, East Jefferson Fire & Rescue. You can see that we have a heavily concentrated population down here and we've got some very valuable homes higher up on the ridge that were certainly sweating a few moments here and there.

Department of Natural Resources firefighters will spend the next three days mopping up and looking out for hot-spots. A helicopter is on stand-by in case the wildfire flares up.

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