RENTON, Wash. Police searching for a young woman missing for more than a year found human remains buried 300 yards south of the 18600 block of 124th Ave SE in Renton.

Police say thefamily of Kathy Chou has been notified of the discovery and thebody has been turned over to the King County Medical Examiners for examination and identification.

Police say Chou, 19, was murdered by a man she met on the Internet. Ezekiel James Watkins, 22, is in custody.

Police were led to Watkins by his alleged accomplice's roommate. The roommate, who police say suspected Watkins had something to do with Chou's disappearance, finally came forward because he thought Watkins had stolen something from him.

Police say Watkins led them to a field behind the school and told them where he buried Chou's body.

Watkins is being held on $1 million bail. The accomplice may also face murder charges.

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