BRIDGEPORT, Wash. -- Voting ends Friday on the White House website for a contest that would send President Barack Obama to one high school's graduation.

Bridgeport High School, located in North Central Washington, is among the six schools vying for the opportunity.

The public will help determinethe winner of the Department of Education's Race to the Top Commencement Challengethrough an Internet vote. To vote, go to the White House website and watch the video each school has made. At the bottom of the page, you will see blue boxes numbered 1-5. Rank each school by clicking on one of the numbers (5 is the highest ranking; 1 is the lowest); then click Next to view the next school.

Each person is only allowed to rate the schools one time.

The three schools receiving the most votes will be announced Monday, May 2. Those schools will be forwarded to President Obama, who will then select the winner - and speak at their graduation ceremony in June.

The schools that made it to the finals of the Challenge were mostly determined based on improved test scores and graduation rates.

Only about 200 students are registered at Bridgeport High school. It is the smallest school in the runningfor the honor.

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