He's a crowd pleaser, that's for sure. Fuzzy (Frederick Urban) Zoeller is out walking the fairways, hitting shots with accustomed ease and aplomb and dazzling the crowds with affability and casual charm.

He clearly just loves this stuff. He's a showman, somebody who clearly understands this game they play is a game and the people who come out to watch, especially in practice rounds, have paid for the privilege. I have seen him autograph hats, flags, t-shirts, soccer balls and programs.

I just walked up to him on the 8th fairway and did a walking interview. He was a real treat, patient with us and I think genuinely please to be in the Northwest.

Of course he marveled at Sahalee's trees -- all the first-timers do. He says this is his first day ever at this course and he likes what he sees. Interestingly, he echoed Hale Irwin's comments that the corridor-like fairways play tricks on your vision and can mess with depth perception, which is of course critical when gauging distance and picking clubs.

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