SEATTLE - On a warm, sunny day at Seattle's Alki Beach, it doesn't take long to find people who would take it all off.

No skinny dipping is allowed here, but there's now a push to try to convince the Seattle Parks Departmentto explore the idea of establishing the city's first clothing-optional beach.

There are a dozen cliches we might offer. It's a sense of freedom, a sensuousness that can't be beat. All I can say is if you've ever tried skinny dipping in a place that feels safe, they know exactly what I'm talking about, said Mark Storey, member of the Naturist Action Committee.

Storey and three others met Tuesday with Christopher Williams, Seattle Parks Superintendent, to discuss the idea of a nude beach in Seattle. Storey admits not every beach is appropriate to be deemed clothing-optional, but he says, With miles of coastline in Washington state and the number of city parks in Seattle, I suspect there should be some small spot where some citizens should be able to enjoy skinny dipping.

The parks department says the group first needs to prove it has political and community support.

They could initiate a petition, put it on the state ballot, try to get support from elected officials, things like that, said Dewey Potter, spokesperson for the parks department.

While some beachgoers say they would be offended to share a beach with nudists, others say as long as the nude sunbathers stay in their designated area, they should be given that option.

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