SEATTLE A Seattle family says their son is being bullied and beaten by boys at his school -- and the district is doing nothing about it. That boy is a 6-year-old kindergartner.

It's a sensitive subject for the Seattle School District which prides itself on its anti-bullying policies.

Jenasys Newton tries to teach her son Quinn the basic building blocks of life -- respect and kindness, but he's been learning something very different at school.

Jenasys and Brady Newton say Quinn has been relentlessly bullied all year by three boys in his class at Seattle's Lawton Elementary.

We've had two in the past month, said Newton. He's been kicked in the back and punched in the stomach.

And Quinn isn't alone. The couple says other children have fallen victim as well.

Bullying and roughhousing and kicking and punching and choking, very aggressive in the classroom.

The Newtons say they reported the incidents to the school but no records or reports were kept.

A new principal has now come, but the problems haven't gone away, and the family fears a culture that condones bullying is being created.

They say they've been told at least one of the bullies has now been placed on a behavior plan, but the district won't give any specifics because of privacy concerns.

But the bad behavior continues and they worry about the message the school is sending to their son.

We've been asking the Seattle School District questions about this case for a couple of days now and late today they issued only a brief statement. A district spokeswoman said a team has now been assembled to look into what additional steps should be taken at the school, but she couldn't say why it has taken nearly the entire school year for that to happen.

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