It's never too early to introduce your children to the world of theater and make-pretend. One Seattle theater company offers tots a class called Drama with your Mama - and parents say it opens up all kinds of new experiences for their little ones.

Heather Lakefish majored in theater during college, and now her 3-year-old daughter Lucy seems to have inherited the same interests.

She seems to be really creative and she likes to explore her imagination, said Heather.

When Heather learned about the Drama with your Mama class, which is offeredat the Taproot Theatre inSeattle for children ages one through three, she thought it would be a great activity for both of them.

I think that the arts really helps kids explore themselves and the world around them in a creative and safe way, said Heather.

During the class, teacher Jessica Brady introduces the children to songs, dance, dress up and stories. Then, after reading a book to the children, she invites them to create their own version of it.

Jessica says she's seen firsthand how children of any age are capable of absorbing and learning.

It affects every area of your life. I mean, being creative and tapping into that creativity and ability to use your imagination is going to foster you for the rest of your life. And help you be a better, more well-rounded person, said Jessica.

Meanwhile, Heather says with so many school districts cutting arts and other creative classes, she feels it's important to make sure Lucy gets exposed to the world of drama somehow.

Yeah, you can always enjoy theater. Even if you don't want to continue acting or being on the stage, it's always exciting to go to plays and to read theater. And you know, even TV is a little bit theatrical so it something you can enjoy throughout life, said Heather.

She knows even if Lucy doesn't grow up to be a leading actress, drama can still play a continuing and major role in her life.

Drama with Your Mama is offered through Taproot Theatre in Seattle. Classes are held Monday mornings at 10 a.m. Interested parents can call Taproot Theatre at (206) 781-9705 or go to their website at for more information.

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