Video: Man struggles to get rent deposit back

When Thomas Davis and his roommate moved out of this rental home in 2006, they thought a full and timely refund was coming their way.

Tom said that didn't happen, so he tried for months to get the property manager, Everett's Rental Management Company, to pay up.

"We did everything including demand letters, Navy legal letters, even going there and sitting across the table from them," Davis said.

Nothing seemed to work. So in May, Thomas took Rental Management Company to Small Claims Court.

"The judge looked at all the facts and said they're wrong, I was right, and they owed me a full refund," he said.

The judge said the company must pay Thomas and his roommate $1,281.

But more than a month later, Thomas had the win in his hands, but not the check.

"If you go to Small Claims and win, the real hurdle, the obstacle is collecting judgment," he said. "And here we are, well past 30 days, and I checked my P.O. box this morning and no check."

So Thomas called me and I made a stop by Rental Management Company and met with Dave Huber, the company's manager.

I wanted to know what the owners were going to do about the judgment.

Huber said he believed the company was going to pay it.

So I asked him for a check right on the spot. Instead, Huber guaranteed Davis would get paid.

And two days after our conversation, Thomas got his check.

"I worked for two years. They ignored the law, they ignored the orders of a judge and one phone call from Jesse Jones, and I get a check. It's pretty impressive," said Tom.

If you have won a judgment against a business, you can always bump the case up to Superior Court, which gives you the option to place the company into collections.

Just know the collections agency will take a percentage of your judgment as a fee to recover your money.

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