For nearly three decades, Marilyn McKenna has helped her husband, former State Attorney General Rob McKenna, tackle high-profile issues, including a multi-state lawsuit against big tobacco, plus state initiatives to crack down on spyware, sex predators and identity theft. But in 2007, Marilyn faced the biggest battle of her life to regain control of her weight and her health. Over the next six years, she lost more than 120 pounds and in the process, rediscovered her passion for life. Now, she's motivating others, gaining thousands of supporters and sparking a little controversy on Facebook.

Marilyn joined Margaret to share her lifelong battle with weight, as well as what motivated her to lose weight and get healthy, once and for all. She also talked about her battle with Facebook over a photo (see below), and how the controversy is making headlines around the world.

Photo courtesy of Marilyn McKenna

Check out Marilyn's website, which features great motivational messages from Marilyn, as well as interviews with people who are winning their own weight loss battles.

Connect with Marilyn on Facebook and Twitter: @McKennaMarilyn

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