The playoff games could give a major economic boost to downtown Seattle businesses and hotels.

With a home playoff game, tourism experts expect it to generate more money locally. And not just people buying Seahawks gear at the Pro Shop.

According to Visit Seattle, which tracks tourism, anytime there s a Seahawks game, fans travel from out of state and stay downtown.

From the data, Visit Seattle says this year s home games were better than last year in terms of the number of people staying at Seattle hotels. And they expect this trend will continue through the playoffs.

To have a playoff game in January, which is one of our slowest months from the standpoint of overnight visitors and hotel occupancies, a playoff game in January will double the impact of what a normal January weekend might be, said Tom Norwalk, Visit Seattle.

Visit Seattle says the Saturday playoff game is also beneficial to businesses and hotels because many people might arrive Friday and stay through Sunday.

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