SEATTLE- City leaders are considering regulations for popular on-demand car services like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar. A city council committee is looking at a plan that would require the drivers be licensed with the city. The committee is also considering vehicle inspections, insurance requirements and driver screenings.

If they want to compete, let them compete on a level playing field, Eastside For-Hire manager Samatar Guled said.

Guled and others in the taxi and for-hire industry are upset that rideshare services are not regulated. Guled said cab drivers and for-hire drivers pay fees, which gives rideshare services a competitive advantage.

We want the city council to be fair to everyone and not pick one industry to make winners and losers, Guled said.

City leaders considered several options Thursday afternoon including shutting down the rideshare services. Another option would have required both the driver and vehicle be licensed.

I think the city is big enough to use all of our services, UberX driver Elias Guda said.

A spokesperson with Uber said the company agrees with parts of the new proposal and is willing to work with the city.

City leaders emphasized they are still in the initial stages of crafting the rules and regulations. A final plan is not expected to be complete until later this year.

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