COLFAX, Wash. -- Two students have been arrested so far in the attack on a Washington State University professor, both from Western Washington.

Detectives from the Pullman Police Department Thursday evening were in Mukilteo where two more suspects in the attack agreed to talk to police.

The suspects, Robert Bean and Matt Soriano, failed to show up and now police say warrants will be issued Friday for their arrests.

Josh Nantz, 22, from Mukilteo and Madeline Fouts, 21, from Snohomish were arrested Wednesday. Nantz faces first degree assault charges, while Fouts may be charged with criminal assistance.

In a Whitman County courtroom Thursday, Nantz faced a judge in his alleged role in the attack on Dr. David Warner on March 30.

Court documents claim that Nantz and three others attacked Warner in a Pullman parking lot after the professor reportedly tried to break up an argument between a friend of the professor's and a group that Nantz and Fouts were with.

According to the police report, Nantz tackled Warner while two others punched him.

Court documents detail how brutal the beating was. Warner suffered severe head injuries and required emergency surgery. Doctors removed a piece of Warner s skull according to the paperwork. Sacred Heart Medical Center staff upgraded Warner s condition from critical to serious on Thursday.

The judge ordered Nantz to appear in court again on Friday, April 19. He was ordered to remain at his current address and not contact the other three suspects. The judge also mandated that the man cannot have alcohol or visit any bars.

Fouts, who police say was part of the initial argument but not the attack, was arrested Wednesday for Rendering Criminal Assistance (a felony) and Providing False Statements to a Public Servant. She was released from custody Wednesday night.

Part of the reason why Nantz was released was that he does not have any criminal history; however, family friends of Dr. Warner expressed concerns in court about his release. Meanwhile, Nantz's father said they look forward to the truth coming out in the case.

Lawyers revealed in court that Nantz graduated from high school in Western Washington. He attended community college before enrolling at WSU. He was planning to enroll for summer classes at WSU according to lawyers.

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