The Seattle mayor's race is focusing on pothole repairs.

On Tuesday, mayoral candidate and Seattle City Council Member, Tim Burgess, stood in front of a Capitol Hill pothole to make a point.

This is an example of the deteriorating condition of city streets and roads, said Burgess.

He was pointing to a pothole that had not been repaired, near another pothole that had been fixed.

According to Burgess, Seattle's street and bridge repair backlog has increased to $1.8 billion.

In my administration, we change our approach. We fix what we have, we finish what we started. And, we plan well for the future, said Burgess.

Instead of fixing potholes after a citizen complaint, Burgess would repair them neighborhood by neighborhood.

Mayor Mike McGinn defends his pothole performance, pointing to the more than 115,000 potholes filled during his term.

We have filled more potholes than ever before. We've increased the crews to do that work as well as instituted chip seal and crack seal programs to avoid potholes in the first place, said McGinn.

McGinn's camp adds that it is safer for the traveling public to repair potholes as complaints come in rather than delay and fix them in groups.

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