SEATTLE - Inside a north Seattle restaurant, Yancy Noll's friends filled up several tables. The topic of conversation was a big arrest that happened Friday morning.

SWAT officers and homicide detectives arrived at a home on 25th Avenue Northeast, and arrested a 29-year-old man in connection with what police called a road rage killing.

On August 31, Yancy Noll was driving near NE 75th and 15th Avenue NE when a man in a silver BMW gunned Noll down, according to police.

Police put out a suspect sketch, and asked the public for tips. Three weeks later, a tip led law enforcement to a home just ten blocks away from where the shooting happened, and the arrest was made.

Noll's friend Mike Leonard received a text message about it Friday afternoon.

It said just a couple simple words, 'we got him,' and that brought a lot of joy to me at that moment, said Leonard.

I'm just glad this guy is not on the street, said friend Mike Martin, but he added that the violence has left such a void.

We are not naming the man arrested because he has not been charged yet. His first court appearance is scheduled to happen Saturday afternoon.

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