Delivery companies expect to ship more packages this holiday season than ever before, but police are warning that creates more opportunities for thieves.

Casesin point -- two families in two cities shared with KING-5 theirall too similar stories.

Makes me really angry that people would do such a thing, said Elle Lin, after learining someone swiped from her doorsteps books and toys she had ordered for her expected son.

Shock and disbelief, added Buckley resident Krista Fox Buckley, about her own experience. Actually seeing the person made me feel sick.

Both women,however,live in homes with surveillance cameras. Both shared with KING-5 video where suspects show up in broad daylight, shortly after UPS trucks stopped by, and swiped the packages off the front porch.

The people had driven past my housefive times, and the last time they were following the UPS truck, said Fox.

The video shows acarpulling up in her driveway,a man in a red cap jumping out, running up to the house, and grabbing the present.

I mean it's sad, it's someone's Christmas present, said Fox's son, Reece. It's just mind-blowing.

Not just anyone's Christmas present. It was Reece's.

And it was one of his bigpresents, said his mother, and it was sold out online, and we couldn't find it at any local stores.

UPS said on the week leading up to Christmas alone, their trucks are expected to ship a record 120 million packages.

A few miles away in Renton, Lin showed us a video where a man shows up to steal a package of books from her front door, then notices several larger packages tucked against the wall.

I think he saw the small package and then the big boxes and took them all away, said Lin.

The man is seen running off wearing a sweatshirt with a distinctive V logo.

I can't believe people would do it for a little bit of money, said Lin.

Barring installing your own surveillance system, you can always make sure to require a signature.

If that's not a feasible option, you can also include a note with your online order or on your door reminding the delivery person to tuck the packages out of sight of the main road.

It's not a bad idea to check with the companies involved too. UPS, for example, now offers to text you what timeframethey plan to show up the next day. Amazon recently unveiled its new secure locker delivery system in certain neighborhoods in Seattle and Bellevue.

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