SEATTLE, Wash. -- Veronica Cockerham takes her time this Thursday, carefully sorting through diapers and food for five hungry children waiting at home. Four of them under the age of four.

All girls, said Cockerham. A little basketball team of beautiful girls.

It has been a rough year for her and her husband Casey. Last year, they were both laid off. But the Northwest Harvest Baby Day program helps them with the basics.

It's probably one of the best ones in Washington I can say, said Cockerham.

Diapers, formula and baby food are essential items and the need is greater than ever. 50 parents visited each week in July, and that number has now doubled.

It's not just the parents that are hurting, I think your child is hurting it's a different feeling inside, said Northwest Harvest communications director Claire Acey.

Out of all of the programs at Northwest Harvest, Baby Day is entirely driven by donations. Each Thursday the program goes through 140 cans of formula, 1,500 diapers and 1,200 cans of baby food.

There are a lot of people that are just finding themselves with changing circumstances, said Acey. They've lost a job and they've got 3 kids at home and they're panicked.

Once panicked, the Cockerham's are now hopeful.

I can't wait till we get on our feet to where we can help, said Veronica.

Northwest Harvest tells us diaper donations, sizes four and five are especially appreciated. You can help this Saturday, when Hometeam Harvest gets underway. We will set up from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Everett Mall, Alderwood Mall, Northgate Mall, Redmond Town Center, Kitsap Mall, Westfield Southcenter Mall, The US Bank branch in Auburn and the Tacoma Mall.

You can also donate through any US Bank branch or by texting hometeam to 85944.

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