Diane Miller loves her three grandchildren who live in California and Arizona. She's a wonderful grandmother - full of hugs, kisses, and firepower.

We're very close. I see them once every three months I'd say, she said.

So protect herself on those long-distance trips, Diane went to Smokey Point Pawn in Arlington and bought a new pistol.

Nowadays you hear all kinds of horror stories going up and down the freeway and I don't want to get jacked, she said. I was looking for a gun and they had a nice one, a little .380 that was reasonable.

The Marysville resident paid for the gun and during her waiting period everything seemed cool - until things got hot.

I get up and I'm watching the news, and there's the pawnshop on fire. Oh boy, there's my gun! I felt bad for them, she said.

Smokey Point Pawn was burning up and sometime later, Diane says someone from the shop called and asked her to pick up the gun.

They want me to sign a waiver saying this gun might not be safe, she said.

The guns were in a safe, but Diane was worried they may have been damaged during the fire.

I would like my money back or a new gun, not the one that was in the safe, she said. But she got neither from the pawn shop.

So Diane called me and I got a hold of the manager who's working at another pawn shop in Sedro-Woolley. He asked Diane to stop by and said everything would be OK.

I've been pretty patient, I just think it's sad that I had to get you involved to get anything done, said Diane.

Shewalked in and about 20 minutes later andcame out a happy grandma with a brand-new gun.

From the manufacturer with a guarantee, the other one didn't have a warranty, this one does. Thank you! she said.

The manager says the owner of Smokey Point Pawn arranged this deal. He also says the guns in the safe did have some smoke damage, adding that dozens of people have signed the waivers to get their guns.

NowDiane is going through another waiting period. She gets her new gun Friday.

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