Video: Owls on the attack in the suburbs

MERCER ISLAND, Wash. - There is a strange but important warning going out surround owls on the attack. At least one serious incident has been reported on Mercer Island, but wildlife biologists say this is the time of year aggressive behavior can be on the rise.

Lisa Lansford, was jogging with her dog through Mercer Island's Pioneer Park when she says she felt a thing grab on to the back of her head.

It was an owl.

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"And then a second later the owl swooped down and went after my dog Mia," she told KING 5 News.

It was a real scare when the owl came back again.

"And then the owl came down a third time and actually tried to grab me and just swooped down and then I just literally screamed and ran out of the park at that point," she said.

Joggers and neighbors say they have seen the Barred owls for years.

Ann Rutledge has seen the peering eyes of the predator.

"I've just seen them up in the trees, and they basically watch you as you walk by," she said. "They turn their head and watch as you walk by."

No other attacks have been reported, but that doesn't mean they are not happening. The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife says on its Web site that at this time of year, the owls can become aggressive while protecting their territory or their young.

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