A group of people rallied Thursday for a Boy Scout leader who was banned for being gay.

That rally happened here in front of the Chief Seattle Council for the Boy Scouts of America.

Until monday. McGrath had been the leader of Troop 98.

A reporter writing a profile on the troop was doing some fact checking with the national office.

When the office found out McGrath was gay -- a lawyer for the Scouts called and told him he was banned.

McGrath s supporters say it just doesn't make sense in a time of declining enrollment in the Scouts to get rid of a great leader.

Supporters say McGrath is the first gay man to be kicked out of the Scouts since the decision last may allowing gay youth but not gay adults.

They and McGrath say it's time to open the dialogue once again.

The Boy Scouts of America said Thursday that: We don't believe the topic of sexual orientation has a role in scouting and it is not discussed unless it is deliberately injected into scouting.

McGrath supporters are starting a change dot org campaign asking Amazon to pull pull their Smile Campaign funding for the Scouts because the scout's policy on gay adults violates Amazon's non-discrimination policy.

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