A homeless man who turned in a lost backpack with over $40,000 is now reaping the benefits of his good deed. Strangers have donated thousands of dollars to an online website for the man.

Glen James is enjoying the karma that's come back his way.

On Saturday, James found a backpack with over $40,000 in cash outside a store.

There's no way I would have kept even a penny of that money! No way, no way! said James.

He flagged down a police officer who was able to find the owner.

Boston police gave him a very special plaque. And now, just as he was a complete stranger to the backpack owner, other strangers are trying to give him a new life.

Ethan Wittington, a complete stranger from Virginia, saw his story and started an online fundraiser on the site Go Fund Me for James, who's been homeless since 2005. In just 24 hours, the site raised thousands of dollars.

I just want to thank you so much for being so kind, James told Wittington over the phone.

You don't need to tell me thank you, man. You're the one that deserves all the credit right here. You're the one that's done everything, Wittington said. You've revived my faith in humanity, in the United States, man.

As of Wednesday night, the amount came to $86,000.

Those donations will help me get a brand new start in life! said James. I am so glad that a total stranger can be so kind.

Wittington and James plan to meet in person next week.

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