More small victims of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting are buried today, and the ripple effect of grief is reaching all across the country, but last Sunday, and idea emerged that is catching on and promoting healing. It started with a tweet from NBC s Ann Curry. What if everyone committed an act of kindness for every child killed in Newtown? People responded by the thousands, marked by the twitter hashtag 26 Acts and it has gone viral and worldwide. Ann Curry has graced us with her presence by joining us live from New York!

Also on New Day today, Ain t Misbehavin has been a favorite since it first hit the stage in 1978 and has been honored with a number of Tony and Emmy awards. It s been a full scale production and a more slimmed down cabaret tonight, but we re excited to have them back on New Day to perform for us first! Aint Misbehavin gives a sneak preview with their song The Joint is Jumpin .

They'll perform at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley from Thursday, December 20 - Sunday, December 23
Website for showtimes and tickets:

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