On Tuesday, a Pierce County superior court judge ordered the embattled mayor of Pacific to fill eight key positions at City Hall.

City attorneys Elizabeth Thompson and Kenyon Luce told Judge Ron Culpepper that the city s insurance provider had already given noticed that Pacific would lose its insurance if it didn t fill the positions.

We don't have a building official, we don't have a zoning person, we don't have a code enforcer, Luce said. The city is at a standstill. All we're asking is that the mayor who has the statutory duties to function and make a city operate, do so and stop beating around the bush.

He has appointed a number of folks in various positions who have been rejected by city council, Sun s attorney Tyler Firkins argued.

I get the sense that there is a power struggle going on here that really doesn't benefit anybody, said Culpepper. He didn t want to take sides, but realized something needed to be done for the citizens of Pacific.

Mayor Sun, it s not for me to tell you how to do your job. But you have to do it, he said.

Mayor Sun declined to comment as he left the courthouse.

The mayor, who promised to rid Pacific of corruption, now has 30 days to show he s recruiting new staff. The judge ordered Sun to report to court in that time.

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