PORTLAND -- The Bud Clark Commons, a transitional housing complex in Northwest Portland has a unique way to battle bed bugs.

They call it a sauna for bed bugs to kill the critters. It seems to be working, so far, officials say.

The complex is using a closet-sized sauna to treat all belongings of new residents.

The sauna heats everything from furniture to clothes at 130 degrees for two hours.

Rodger Moore, the assistant director of property management for Home Forward, said that's hot enough to kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

Moore said residents shouldn t have to worry about the creepy crawlers.

It s really tough. You re dealing with a population here that s already vulnerable in high needs. To think about bed bugs coming out of every corner of the building to feed on you, it s traumatic, Moore said.

Moore said they also use other treatments like cedar oil or freezing to take care of the bugs.

The complex spent $35,000 building the sauna in June. The building has had very little problems since.

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