My thoughts are with everyone who loved Kathi, and that's just about everyone.

I know, because we not only share a similar job with a mutual understanding of its demands and of our great good luck in having these jobs. We also have similar last names -- Goertzen, Enersen. Or maybe it's the blonde thing.

People who knew Kathi was ill sometimes mistook us, and would say to me, I'm praying for you.

I'd say thank you, and immediately call Kathi and say, Even more people are praying for you now.

Kathi dealt with her illness with stunning courage, strength and openness, and she lived a life of warmth, strength, and oh so much talent.

It seemed to others that she and I were competitors. In fact, we were great friends. Both of us were raised in Seattle and loved our community. We were both blessed with two daughters with whom we shared a love of skiing and water sports. We worked together for the women and children served by the YWCA.

Kathi accomplished so much. Even at the end, she was working for others by starting a foundation to support research and treatment of brain tumors.

Kathi is gone too soon, just 54 years young with much left to do.

She leaves two fabulous daughters, Andrea and Alexa. I send special love to them and to her mom, dad, husband and sisters.

To everyone I offer these thoughts: Appreciate your own health and happiness whenever it comes along. Take care of it.

And take comfort in knowing that Kathi believed there is more that still awaits her.

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