SEATTLE The Seattle School Board will vote Wednesday to fire Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and the district s Chief Financial and Operating Officer Don Kennedy.

The decision follows a three-hour meeting by the board and an investigation which uncovered allegations of misuse and misappropriation of funds in the district s small business contracting program.The state auditor has questioned roughly $1.8 million in program expenses.

The board says a lack of management oversight and accountability may have allowed potentially fraudulent activity to persist for years without intervention.

The disturbing evidence of repeated violations of the public trust demands swift and decisive action by the board, said Seattle School Board President Steve Sundquist.

If the board votes on the motion to terminate Goodloe-Johnson and Kennedy Wednesday night, it would have to pay out more than $300,000 in severance.Goodloe-Johnson just signed an extension last summer and would be paid a year s salary of $264,000.Kennedy would be paid six month s salary.

However, board member Michael DeBell said, we are talking about something priceless, which is the confidence and integrity of school children.

The board said it will vote on a motion to appoint Chief Academic Officer Susan Enfield as Interim Superintendent.

Goodloe-Johnson is attending to her mother on the East Coast and has been unavailable for comment.

The board meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m.Wednesday at District Headquarters and is open to the public.
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